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Our mission is to assist our clients in creating a firm financial foundation. We recognize that each individual has unique circumstances. We strive to help each client minimize their tax liability by utilizing the existing tax laws and offering effective advice to meet each specific need.

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Chris Anderson

Senior Partner

Kathy Anderson

Senior Partner

Heather Prothero

Senior Accountant

Jeremy Anderson

Senior Accountant

David Jensen

Staff Accountant

Wealth Advising

Chris Katsanevas

Wealth Advisor

Jacob Martin

Wealth Advisor

Tyler Schall

Wealth Advisor

Brandi Wilkin

Processing Manager

Devin Garso

Executive Assistant

Payroll and Bookkeeping

Diana Anderson

Bookkeeping Manager

Lissa Adams


Brittany Anderson

Payroll Manager

Office Support

Christopher Bidlack

Client Services Manager

Kris Lauritzen

Client Services Representative

Michele Brown

Human Resource Manager

Angela Brimmage

Executive Assistant

Lisa Jensen

Office Assistant

Andrea Schneiter

Executive Assistant

Danny Rosier

Office Assistant

Michelle McClure

Executive Assistant

Samantha Anderson




Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

Taxes aren't a one size fit all solution. We take a personalized approach to ensure you're maximizing your deductions. We offer full tax services including individual and business returns.



You're awesome at your trade, but bookkeeping can be a pain. Let us take care of it for you! We'll give you the insights you need to make business decisions.



If you own a business you need to pay your employees. But employee wages come with many regulations. We'll make sure you're compliant and your employees are paid accurately.

Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning

We offer a unique blend of tax and wealth planning for all of your investments whether, IRAs, 401ks, investment accounts, life insurance, etc. and how they impact your tax strategy.

Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation is a little known tax strategy for people who own commercial property. We can walk you through this process and help you maximize the deductions you can take for your business.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

From choosing the right entity to analyzing your profit loss statements, our business strategy service will make sure you're minimizing your tax liability.

What our Clients are Saying…

Rebecca Hintze, M.Sc.

dōTERRA Presidential Diamond

"We are so grateful for your help, especially during this challenging time. Our connection with your office has made all the difference as we've navigated this season of change."

Dr. Daniel Knowles

"The team at Soulence Tax and Wealth Advisors always goes over and above. I've been super impressed and then help us save money and make money. Highly recommended."

Carol Christensen

"I want to comment on the Soulence staff. They reminded me of a small and thriving colony of busy bees! Seeing how they interacted with Kathy, I sensed their mutual loyalty and respect, qualities so important in building trust with clients. While I don't look forward to facing my taxes I'm grateful I can turn to you for help from now on!"

Paul Hanson

Paul Hanson Consulting

"Since switching to Soulence years ago, they have literally saved me thousands in taxes. They really know their stuff when it comes to reducing tax liability for their clients. I highly recommend them!

Belinda Jefferson

" Thank you! I am really glad and thankful for your online tax preparation, timely responses, and experience. It's nice to be able to contact a real, pleasant person when I need to!!"

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