Christopher Anderson

Senior Partner

Christopher Anderson, EA, IAR graduated from Utah Valley University in 2005.  Before forming Soulence in 2007,  Christopher acquired valuable tax experience working at Lone Peak Business Solutions, Inc. for more than 6 years. Christopher’s tax and accounting experience has been with business owners and investors.  He feels strongly that people work hard for their money and is dedicated to using the tax laws to help people keep their hard earned money.  He has personal and professional expertise in all areas of investing, including real estate, oil exploration, stock market, life insurance, etc.  He also is securities licensed and life licensed which gives him a unique ability to coordinate long term and short term tax and wealth strategies to ensure they complement each other to help clients meet their financial goals.   

​​Chris has a wife and three children.  He loves renting a house on the beach or in a secluded place and playing with his family.  He also enjoys serving and volunteering in the community. 

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