Mariah Miera

Executive Assistant

Mariah Miera received her BA in business management from WGU. She is no stranger to running a business. Her family ran a small business in rural Nevada for over 30 years. She managed the family business herself for the last 10 years before moving to Utah in 2021. At Soulence, she enjoys the process and flow of office work in supporting accountants with day-to-day problem solving. Mariah is a strong part of the team and always willing to step in and help with whatever is needed. 

In her off time, Mariah enjoys watching movies, playing board games, baking anything she can think of, doing puzzles, and crafting with her family. She is happy discovering local hikes on the weekends with her boyfriend. Mariah currently lives with her brother and his family of 5, her parents, and a one-eyed cat. Living in a busy home with 8 people is good preparation for handling the different deadlines and schedules of our clients.

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