Kathy Anderson

Senior Partner

Kathryn Anderson, E.A.  is the President of Lone Peak Business Solutions, Inc (LPBS, Inc) and Co-founder of Soulence Tax and Wealth Advisors.  Kathy attended Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA.  She began a small tax preparation business in 1980, which evolved into LPBS, Inc and has since grown into Soulence.   As a mother of 7 children and a grandmother of 22, she understands the importance and challenges of meshing family and business.  Kathy believes that small business is the backbone of the economy.  She has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and loves helping others to turn their passions into a successful business.  Her  36 years experience in the tax and accounting business makes her a great resource for dealing with and negotiating with the IRS and other government agencies.

Kathy enjoys spending time with family, traveling, teaching, cooking, sewing and has spent countless hours over the years volunteering in the community.

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