Tyler Schall

Wealth Advisor

Tyler is a licensed Investment Advisor. He graduated from UC Davis in California with a Bachelors in Managerial Economics with a focus in investments. It took him longer to graduate than usual as he obtained an AA in Business as well as an AA in Science and Mathematics before transferring to UC Davis. The entire time he was going to school he was working over 30 hours a week to help make ends meet as he was paying his own way through school.

When Tyler moved to Davis he met the love of his life who was in her first year of Veterinary school. They were married December of 2021 and worked hard to pay for their wedding completely debt free including a honeymoon to Hawaii while they were both in college.

Shortly after they started dating, his now wife was commissioned by the US Army as a veterinarian. Upon her graduation she will be deployed to work as a veterinarian which will allow them to live all over the country and possibly the world. Even through the moves Tyler will continue advising for Soulence.

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